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Supremacy Cover

Fever 333 or also well known as the Fever 333 is an American rock band formed in July 2017. Following the killing of George Floyd, the band, on May 25, 2020 released Long Live the Innocent on June 3rd, is a live political demonstration and musical performance. Donations also opened to the Minnesota Freedom Fund and Black Lives Matter. During the performances, the band debuted their unreleased song titled "Supremacy", which later officially released on June 8th. [1]

The song is the first single from WRONG GENERATION EP. Initially the song was released on June 1st as a free download on the band’s site, yet it was taken down and given official release on June 8th. [2]


Key Lyrics

See I was raised in the west

Where we stay stressed

Where they lie if they have to to make an arrest

'Cause we living in the shadow of the suburbs

While the price of this house going upwards

I don't understand how

The poor get robbed by the rich and they calling it a handout (Aw, hell nah)

And it's evident

The neighborhood fucked up

Got us sending letters to the president

Tell me, can you hear us

Through the sound of the sirens?

And you wonder why the streets getting violent

Another mother shed tears at the cemetery

Burying her first born child (Damn)

I've been watching through the years

Got my nerves firing, waking up screaming

And we live in a cold sweat

Segregated, they consider us a known threat

So we hopeless, ayy [3]

Black Empowerment

Protests have wide spreaded across the globe, including the US and UK. A large number of artists also expressed their outrage over the racial injustice.

Fever 333 took Twitter for the introduction melody is an “interpolation of [KRS-One’s] ‘Step Into A World’ which was an interpolation of [Blondie‘s] ‘Rapture’.” [4]

The band performed on Black Lives Matter live-stream, their vocalist, Jason Aalon Butler said the purpose of the “Long Live the Innocent” event is to “"encourage people to go beyond awareness and take action. With localized efforts in the name of justice for a specifically targeted group of people in this country, this will serve as an artistic activation as well as a platform to activate necessary measures for social and racial reformation."

He continued, "Music and art have [catalyzed] socially inclined movements for as long as we can remember, but for some reason, at a time where we are now granted the ability to see how deeply flawed our system is, we have slowed the charge for change. Fever 333 has dedicated its entire platform to that change from its inception with its music, activism, even [a] charity fund that sees a percentage of proceeds funneled from all profits the project receives." [5]


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