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Blackwiki.org aims to build a Wikipedia-style encyclopedia entirely dedicated to black people, dedicated to Africans. Every day, blackwiki’s writers and volunteer contributors write new content from sources as diverse as social media activism such as Black Lives Matter, news articles and verified social media stories/posts (e.g., “Karens” aka racial bias), new history findings restoring black people’s contribution to world history, the academic literature on antiracism/racism. You will find all this and more.

The vast majority of historians now agree colonisation and slavery have had a twofold lasting impact in what is taught in schools today. First, history books largely deny black people agency. Secondly, said history books both downgrade and downplay black people’s, Africans’ role and contributions to world history. To right this wrong, historians of all races publish virtually every day corrections to historical facts relating to black people. Blackwiki.org is the one place where all this is meticulously classified, indexed and presented in layman’s terms.