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This template creates a cross-reference which points readers to the corresponding glossary article.


Basic usage:

     {{For glossary}}

This will create an indented and italicized cross-reference like the following:

     For a glossary of this subject, see Glossary of cue sports terms.

The template should automatically detect the correct title of the glossary article (or first one in a series, if the base title is a redirect to it), as long as it has been named in one of the more common patterns for such articles (check the link to be sure it worked). If the template doesn't detect the correct glossary name automatically, then add it in manually like this:

     {{For glossary|Title of glossary article}}

Don't wikilink the parameter; the template will do this for you.


Sometimes used as a hatnote at the top of an article or section, the template can (like {{Further information}}, {{Detail}}, etc.) also be used below a narrative section, or below a list in some other format.

See also

  • {{For outline}} – similar pointer to an outline article on the topic
  • {{For timeline}} – similar pointer to a timeline article or section on the topic
  • {{Main}} – pointer to the main article on a topic
  • {{Main list}} – pointer to the main list article on a topic (usually one for which there are multiple hierarchical or subtopical lists)