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Welcome to BlackWiki.

Does the world need a Black Wikipedia? In the words of Miriam MAKEBA, aka MAMA AFRIKA, South African singer, songwriter, actress, United Nations GoodWill ambassador:

“The conqueror writes history. They came, they conquered and they wrote. Now you don’t expect people who came to invade us to write the truth about us. They will always write negative things about us. And they have to do that because they have to justify their invasion. We don’t write our history, it has always been handed down to us orally by our elders. Of course, the white men came and he writes history. In fact, you don’t know anything about any place until the white man gets there. Until the white man comes to any place, nothing lives. It’s only when he comes that he says whouff "I’ve discovered you. Now you exist.” Which is ridiculous". aims to build a Wikipedia-style encyclopedia that will constantly scour the internet, academic literature in order to gather in one place all topics and issues about black anti-racism and racism towards black people. Blackwiki’s writers will classify, index, and present in Wikipedia- like, intellectually-accessible-terms all this valuable knowledge. There are hundreds of thousands of anti-racism publications and writings that de-construct racism epistemologically in social sciences, in popular culture as well as in social media activities such as Black Lives Matter and the like. All this will be presented in one place,

Racism in Culture and the arts

Racism in Geography and places

Racism in Health and fitness

Racism in History and events

Racism in Human activities

Racism and Mathematics, logic

Racism in Natural and physical sciences

Racism in People and self

Racism in Philosophy and thinking

Racism in Religion and belief systems

Racism in Society and social sciences

Racism in Technology and applied sciences